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Sponsored content from Erica Rose

Today, communication is an important part of our life. Moreover, if we are talking about business, then in this area of ​​​​life a stable network for communication is a special component of success. In a modern organization, several independent networks are usually used, such as telephone, local networks, mobile communication networks, etc. They are necessary everywhere and the refusal to use one or another modern technology means the losses in competitive advantages.

Frequent company problems are caused by poor indoor mobile coverage. Although today UCtel presents a solution to this problem!  In building mobile coverage solutions are already here for you!

UCtel has been helping companies deal with poor indoor connectivity for years. The solution to this problem takes a couple of days. Specialists will help you with the installation of the necessary equipment, consult and keep in touch with you after installation.

One of the root causes of coverage’s absence is the distance from the nearest base station, which the operator sets based on economic and geographical indicators.

However, there is a way out.  And not even one.  For example, in theory, you can install a base station near your home or office at your own expense, but in this case, it will be a considerable amount of money.

The most effective and economical solution is to buy in building mobile coverage service.  Without exaggeration, this unique yet simple and reliable equipment will allow you to use a mobile phone without any obstacles and provide a stable signal and high-quality conversation. Another important advantage of installing a cellular signal amplifier is the reduction of electromagnetic exposure.

The mobile communication amplifier operates the device on the basic principles of radio engineering. With the help of a cellular signal analyser on the roof of the office building, the place with the strongest signal is determined. An external antenna will be installed here.  A GSM/4G repeater and a local network of antennas will be installed in the office. At the end, an external antenna and a repeater will be connected with a cable, and a stable connection will appear in your office!

As you know, communication with customers, employees, and partners are certainly one of the most important components of any modern company. Today, the cell phone is the main tool in the field of corporate communication.

It is necessary to think about the quality of communication in the office space at the stage of drawing up a business plan. Since interference during negotiations or missed calls can push potential customers and partners away from cooperation and, as a result, it will possibly lead to the loss of orders and profits. 

It’s essential to mention that by solving all communication problems, you will save not only time and mental health but also money.  With these solutions, you will get:

It is worth saying a few words about where else can underline the attractiveness of in-building mobile coverage solutions for the manufacturer and the buyer. It must be remembered that 80% of the profits are brought to companies by telephony solutions (audio/video conferencing).  

The same can be said about the economic effect that the client receives. In 80% of cases, clients get all details by the same telephony and teleconferencing. Although the remaining per cent is not less important for the success of the company, often they provide an indirect effect; nevertheless, they can be a decisive factor.   

In our modern world, in the field of mobile signal amplification, there is practically nothing impossible. In problem areas both in cities and in suburban areas where cellular communication is not so available, you can significantly enhance a weak signal, improve voice quality and increase the speed of mobile data transmission over 3G and 4G channels. Moreover, it is not necessary to use the services of expensive network antennas for this.

Although we do not forget that for the corporate segment. In this case, the amplification areas are large enough and experience is needed. There is no doubt that in the implementation of such projects, of course, it is better to use the services of specialists.

In areas, where the signal of a mobile operator is not catastrophically weak, you can use the services of UCtel and thereby improve the reception of a telephone signal, as well as for a modem or router. This option is simple and affordable. Suitable for use with 3G/4G modems or routers to enhance the signal of a mobile operator and increase the data transfer rate in 3G UMTS/HSPA, 3G CDMA, 4G LTE standards both in cities and in rural areas.

Despite the fact that today each person uses different devices, this diversity creates a lot of problems, because of each network. As you know, each data exchange technology requires a separate approach to installation, maintenance, and operation.

From the point of view of an ordinary user, for example, an employee of a company who is not privy to the intricacies of corporate telecommunications, the abundance of technology creates a lot of inconveniences.  It is associated with the need to use many terminals and various kinds of software. As a result, the user is doomed to have several fixed telephones and mobile numbers, e-mail addresses “attached” to the video or audio conferencing terminal, etc.

That’s why unified communications services are appearing on the market. Unified Communications can be described as a set of software tools that allow the user to be in constant communication with clients and colleagues at work (although, of course, no one bothers to apply this approach after working hours). 

The idea of ​​unification on a common platform means fully updating our pieces of knowledge and skills according to the modern era. It is also a great tool for your business.

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