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2022-05-14 00:50:36 By : Ms. Luca Yang

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HONGKONG – May 13, 2022 – NIKOTA, a portable power station company offering solutions on renewable energy, launches NIKOTA META-2000 portable power station with 4G/5G network on Indiegogo with an exciting discount up to 55%.

META-2000 is a high capacity 2016Wh and 2000W output power station, boasting 13 output ports, including wireless charging, AC, USB2.0, QC3.0, TYPE-C and a car port. It can meet the needs of outdoor activities without network and electricity and emergency power use in average households.

4G/5G Network and Power Station 2 in 1

META-2000 can act as a 4G/5G network transmitter to smart home appliances or outdoor electronic devices by two methods. One is to insert a SIM card. Another way is to connect household network cable. With META-2000 4G/5G, users can still get access to electricity and network even when off-grid and without power. META-2000 has 1200M wireless router modules, in line with IEEE802.11AC/N/G/B/A wireless network protocol. Wireless transmission rate is up to1200Mbps. The external antenna has good connection and wider coverage. The coverage of wireless signals in an open area is greater than 50 meters theoretically. It can connect 70 devices simultaneously.

Fastest Recharging and Easy Carry

META-2000 has the fastest recharged speed in the world. The power station can be charged to 80% in just one hour, and fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

With a high 2016Wh capacity, META-2000 standard only weighs 15 kg, META-2000 4G/5G weighs 16kg . It supports both 50Hz and 60Hz regions with an output power of 2000W. Compared with products with same 2016Wh capacity on the market, its weight is reduced by about 30%.

Multiple Functions for Comfortable and Convenient Supporting

META-2000 provides consumers with a comfortable and convenient experience both outdoors and indoors. META-2000 has a variety lighting that can achieve different effects: lighting, atmosphere, mosquito repellent, emergency light. It has Bidirectional-convert technology, which makes charging and discharging more efficient and power saving.

META-2000 will be released on Indiegogo. Promotion adhere to the principle that the sooner you buy, the better price you get. Consumers can enjoy a super early bird discount up to 55% off on META-2000 standard, and promotion of META-2000 4G is up to 35% off. Consumers could choose products types based on their network conditions in different countries and regions.

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NIKOTA is a green power company headquartered in the Greater Bay Area, China. NIKOTA has been committed to providing clean, stable, safe and efficient portable power solutions for home, outdoor, emergency and other areas. It also regularly provides innovative products to users around the world striving to meet the needs of the ever-changing world.

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