Promotional GPS Tracker with Free System

promotional gps trackers with free systemFeatures:More than just GPS Car trackingOner GPS Car tracking system is a web-based fleet management solution  designed to integrate with your entire business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch.Permission & Power Assignment, Set Your Ow

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promotional gps trackers with free system

More than just GPS Car tracking

Oner GPS Car tracking system is a web-based fleet management solution  designed to integrate with your entire business, from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch.

Permission & Power Assignment, Set Your Own Management

A tracking system with complete controlling, it make your management be more smoother. You can assign permissions and powers to your clients and people.


It allows you to assign different permissions to your people according to the demands and their ability. No workforce will be wasted.


You can set different power to people and clients. For your clients, a simple tracking is enough, and your people will need action when bad things happen, so you will give them control features.

1. BS structure designed with PHP, fast access & stable, function customization become more easier. 
2. Live tracking, arm/release alarm, stop the car, take photo, route setting, vehicle status detection, etc.
3. History stored & playback
4. Live track all devices in sub-screens. 
5. it allows you to define the content of any alarm & input status freely.  
6. Detail Report, to tell you what happen to your vehicle and drivers: history report, alarm report, summary report, trip report,working report, daily report,fuel report, Speed report etc)
7. English/Chinese/Spanish /Customized language accepted. 
8. Email notification for alarm, it allows you to use your own mail box as outbox ( option) 
9. Strong user management and vehicle management function,with multiple-levels accounts type with different permission. Support vehicle and permission assignment for fleet management
10. Supports address translation by Map-info map.
11. User can define many fences for one single car.
12. Routine and POI management & alert.
13. Fuel monitoring and fuel consumption graph to show you the fuel details of your vehicles. 
14. Support function extension and customized
15. Navigation, easy to dispatch your vehicles and give them guides to the destination

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Promotional GPS Trackers with Free System

Q&A :
1. How does the tracker work?
Tracker is like a mobile phone, which works with GSM and GPS signals. Location by GPS while data transferred by GSM SMS(mobile phone) or GPRS (Web tracking platform system).
2. How long for your product warranty?
12 months.
3. Where should I put the antenna in the car?
Generally speaking, the antenna should be put near the vehicle window to get the strong signals.
4. After we buy your tracking software, if we want to amend something, how can we make it?
For any additional functions to be added, just feel free to contact us. Our engineer will work on the software for you to finish the updating to your server. Customized software can be achieved to meet your special needs.
5. What certificate your products has?
6. If we want to print the logo on the tracker, can you make it for us?
Sure, we can print the logo on the tracker before shipment as required.
7. What is the shipping method?
Normally, we will arrange shipment by DHL. Meanwhile, we can help with the shipment on your own courier account or forwarder.
Any more question, just feel free to send inquiry here.


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